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Sign Up today: Get 2 meals free in your first week



  • This week's featured snack:

    Avocado Banana Chocolate Chip (“ABC”) Muffins

What the community is saying...

  • Had to share!! We've been ordering from Babe Appetit organic food delivery service on IG for over a month now and there has not been ONE thing my daughter hasn't loved!! It makes lunch so easy and it's nice to give her such variety!!! PLUS...she delivers the food right to your door!!

    Juniet Diaz-Reutlinger

  • This busy mom of two does not always have time to cook tasty & organic meals for her babies which is why @babe_appetit is my current obsession! The girls love the food & I love the convenience of having it delivered right to my door!

    Monica Del Valle

  • This kid has been refusing meals left & right since being sick, but today he CRUSHED @babe_appetit Sneaky Veggie Nuggets + Creamy Tomato Barley!! Praise the Lord! Check them out if you need a break from cooking for your little ones every night like I did. She makes new delicious homemade meals with a new menu each week & delivers! #pickyeaterapproved

    Michelle Guerra

  • Veggies are hidden in amazing ways! Perfect for picky eaters or if you just want to expand your little one's palate for new flavors and variety of foods. My kids liked every meal so far and it's been over a month of ordering, so I am extremely impressed. (Oh yeah, did I mention I order extra melas for myself? )

    Stephanie Platt Armas

  • I just wanted to tell you that I may have a small problem with the Cauli Fried Rice--my husband literally stole it from our son, lol. He said it was the best fried rice he's had and was in shock when I said it was cauliflower. So I have to thank you, not only for making super yummy food that my son actually eats (a miracle in and of itself), but for making a dish that could get my husband to eat his veggies without complaint!

    Nicole Da Costa